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13 Dec 2018

4 great gifts for travel bugs

The summer holidays are a popular time for road trippers and with the holidays right around the corner we have put together unique gifts for your family and friends with the travel bug.

A picnic cooler

An obvious gift but with a twist! An easy-to-carry picnic cooler is a road trip essential and hands-free options like the Lekkel & Co Picnic Caddy is a great gift. Bags that are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, water repellent, stain repellent and fire retardant will last longer for many adventures to come.

Picnic Caddy, sydney roadtrips, LEKKEL & CO
A low maintenance road trip bag can be used by the whole family.

A portable hammock

The Roo Double is just one of many pop-up hammocks used by campers, hikers, road trippers and beach lovers all over Australia looking for comfort wherever their next adventure takes them. Look for one that is durable, water-resistant, comfortable and tree-friendly for the ultimate nature relaxation hammock. 

A hiking speaker

Portable, small and lightweight - a bluetooth speaker is the perfect getaway accessory allowing you to play your favourite songs or podcasts wherever you are. A waterproof design clips onto a belt or backpack like Lost by Cotton On is a great adventure companion.

Before you reach the Blue Mountains check out the Branch Out podcast episode with Greg Bourke, Curator Manager of the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah. 

hiking speaker, road trip, portable speaker, sydney, blue mountains
Listen to your favourite playlist or podcast on the go.

Shoe cleaning kit

 It may not be the gift you think of but it surely will come in handy! A travel sized shoe cleaning kit like Jason Markks can be used after picking apples, a walk through the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah or for a quick clean ahead of packing your suitcase after your travels. Bonus points: this bag has a clear front window making it a breeze to go through security lines at the airport.

jason markks, shoe cleaning kit, blue mountains, sydney
Travel shoe cleaning kits for those ready for an adventure!

An experience

If you know what journey they're taking, give them the gift of an experience along the way. For those planning to take an unforgettable Blue Mountains Road Trip journey – the Potager, Mount Tomah is a must! With breathtaking views and a contemporary menu, a gift certificate to a beautiful lunch or breakfast will be a big hit!

the potager, mount tomah, blue mountains
Breakfast at The Potager

Before you embark on any road trip, be sure to check the road conditions at Live Traffic and to stay especially diligent during the silly season! Happy driving!

The Blue Mountains Road Trip via the Bells Line of Road has a range of fun experiences for all ages and interests.

Hero photo credit: Destination NSW

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