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22 Jun 2019

Weekend getaway spring 2019

These handy Sydney to Blue Mountains road trip planners have been created with you in mind. 

Families ready for an adventure

If you're travelling with the kids, check out our family-friendly road trip map. We've included kid-friendly stops such as playgrounds, places for picky eaters and experiences like the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah where you can stretch your legs and reconnect with nature. What are you waiting for? Grab the keys and the kids and make some new memories in the Mountains.

blue mountains botanic garden mount tomah family day trip sydney
There are playgrounds, ice cream shops and gardens for kids to explore.

Entertain out-of-towners

Do you have visitors who you'd like to plan a day trip out of Sydney with? Whether you're with your foodie friends, extended familiy or visitors from interstate, we've put together the road trip for you!

The out-of-towners road trip planner includes a range of unique and fun experiences – take a Glow Worm tour, visit the famous Bilpin Fruit Bowl and take in the breathtaking views that only the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah can deliver. Step off the beaten track and enjoy a memorable day in the Mountains. 

blue mountains road trip sydney mount tomah bells line of road
The Blue Mountains has breathtaking views.

A local's guide to the Mountains

If you're looking for a quick, hassle-free way to escape Sydney and recharge for a day or two, ignite your senses in the Mountains. The local's road trip map is an easy way to take some time out without having to plan for weeks in advance. Bells Line of Road offers tasty options for foodiesdramatic scenery for photographers and the perfect pitstops to stretch your legs and relax – if you're staying overnight you could even find yourself waking up in a tree-house

the potager mount tomah blue mountains botanic garden sydney road trip
Enjoy local restaurants along the way, including The Potager, Mount Tomah
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