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19 Nov 2020

Simple, fine and everything divine to explore on your next road trip

We all have a different taste in trips, food, and activities, so now with countless options available in the Blue Mountains, you are bound to have your travel bug sorted.

Divine Garden Displays  

Vibrant colour admirers will love the traditional European Formal Garden display at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah, ideal for those who enjoy a multitude of flower tones and plantings across three distinct terraces. The Garden features vibrant Dahlias spread across a wide lawn nestled in a beautiful landscape with breathtaking views. The Bog Garden has stunning plant diversity, including the Venus Fly Traps (Dionaea muscipula) and sphagnum moss all grown in the crisp Blue Mountains air.

Simple and tastie fruit picking

The Bilpin Fruit Bowl is a great opportunity to find the perfect summer peach and enjoy ripe nectarines. They have a variety of specialised pies made from fresh, local produce. Owners Margaret and Simon Tandrosse’s shop is open seven days a week, and stocks local honey, apple and meat pies with many fresh, homemade sweets sold the same day they are made. During summer, peach pies are up for grabs and make a delicious road trip snack. 

Fine dining in style

If you have already had the pleasure of exploring the farms in Bilpin, try a fine dining experience at Kurrajong’s oldest restaurant Lochiel House. Serving dishes from the 200-year-old family recipe book, the menu is constantly refreshed using local produce. This month they have slow-cooked pork belly, pumpkin pan-fried gnocchi and baked custard guaranteed to knock your taste buds out of the park.

Crispy Skin Duck at the Lochiel House

Each location featured in this season’s Blue Mountains Road Trip itinerary has a custom-made experience. Plan your next trip using the the interactive map or download the PDF here.

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