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7 Dec 2020

Three things to do in the Blue Mountains this summer

Planning your next road trip? There is so much to see and do in the Blue Mountains during the summer holiday. Take a break and surround yourself with the gorgeous flora and fauna found in Mount Tomah.

Somewhere to journey

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah is the perfect place to bring your binoculars for your chance to see 150 native bird species that frequently visit. Your visual and auditory senses will be tantalised whilst you listen to the resident satin bower birds collecting their favourite flowers.

Amongst the flying creatures, an array of marsupials such as brush-tailed and ring-tailed possums, sugar gliders and great gliders can be spotted in their natural habitat. The variety of wildlife in the sky, trees and on land is breathtaking and best experienced in the warmer climate.

Somewhere to indulge

The reputable Pie in the Sky Roadhouse pie shop located along the Bells of Line Road is sure to set your taste buds soaring with their all natural, additive-free pastry and premium meat. A variety of the pies are baked every two to three hours to offer holiday travellers with an unforgettable tasty experience. Exclusive to summer, the traditional apple pie with its juicy caramelised filling and crystallised sugar on top is always a sweet addition to a holiday road trip

Somewhere to relax

The bed and breakfast Bilpin Country Lodge, is located on 10 acres of gardens, farm and bushland. It's the perfect place to rekindle your love of nature and is only 90 minutes away from Sydney. Charlie Brown, the Shetland Pony, will stand tall when you feed him some fresh fruit and all the farm animals roam the front yard. Guests are surrounded by various local orchards, horse riding adventures and many other thrilling activities you can view here.

Ditch the swimmers - bring sunscreen, binoculars and an appetite for your next thrilling road trip adventure. Plan your Blue Mountains getaway using the interactive map or download the PDF here.

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